Creating a New Recipient in the Recipient Manager

How do I create a new Recipient in my Recipient Manager?

Tips can be forwarded or delivered to other TipSoft agencies (agencies who have purchased TipSoft) or internal recipients (groups, divisions or departments that an agency wants to forward tips to).  The Recipient Manger’s primary objective is to work as a contact list.  This can be used to send Tips internally or externally via Fax, E-mail, or “E-transfer.”  This is especially useful when you need to transfer a tip to another department or to an Internal Officer, who is working on the case.  Once you have created a list of recipients in the Recipient Manager, it will be very easy to transfer these tips to the appropriate person or department.  

 Creating a New Recipient
  • Click on “Recipients 

  • Click “New” on the right hand side of the page

  • Fill out the fields accordingly (No fields are mandatory, but it is highly recommended that an E-mail address is put in)

Information on Setting Up Recipients

If you are planning on having a large number of recipients, you can make some of them "preferred" by clicking in the check-box. The new Recipient will then show up on the left side of the screen. You may create an unlimited amount of recipients. To add multiple E-mail addresses to the same recipient, separate them with a comma and space. 

The TipSoft ID should auto-populate.  A TipSoft Agency ID # in the 5000's will be automatically assigned.  This number will help identify that the recipient was set-up internally by the agency. Any number that begins with a “5” is internal to your agency.  Other agencies cannot see the recipients you set-up in your account. 
  • Click "Save" near the top right

  • Once you have created the contacts, click "Main Menu" to exit.

You will then be able to E-mail, E-transfer, or fax the new recipients. 

If you have questions or need additional help please contact or 801-828-2700 opt. 3. 

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