Modifying Offense Types

How do I create, change and delete offense types?

We recommend Agencies modify the offense types in their account to reflect the types of tips they either want to receive, or the types of offenses the agency wants to track.  Changing the offense types changes what is displayed in the drop down lists on the Tip Manager, Reports and the Web and Mobile forms.  Offense types can be changed after they are received and it won’t affect the tips themselves. No information would be lost by changing your list of offense types.

Modify Offense Types

To modify your list of offenses go to the Main Menu and click on Offense Types (you must be an Admin level user to see this selection).


The default list will appear on the left-side of the page.  It can be modified by clicking the NEW button to add more offenses.  To delete an offense click on the Offense Type on the left-side of the page and then click the DELETE button.  Remember to click the SAVE button to save your changes.  Offense types can also be modified.  To change an offense click the offense type on the left-side and change the name then click the SAVE button.


Here is a short video on the process of creating and deleting an offense type.

If you have questions or need additional help please contact or (801) 828-2700, option 3.

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