Purging and Deleting Tips in TipSoft

What is the difference between a purged and deleted tip?

TipSoft has the ability to allow the purging and deleting of tips from the Tip Manager list.

Purging a tip will remove the tip from the Tip Manager, although it will still be counted in statistical reports and the report # assigned to it cannot be re-used. On the other hand, deleting a tip will permanently delete the tip and all of the statistics related to the tip. Once a tip is deleted, the report # can be reused.

To access the Purge and Delete options for a tip, follow these steps:

  • Login to your TipSoft Online account.

  • In the "Manage" box,Click on "Tips."


  • Click on the tip you want to purge or delete from the Tip Manager.


  • Click on the "Misc" tab in the top portion of the window to access the purge and delete buttons.


  • The "Purge Selected Tip" button will delete the tip from the list but retain it in the counts/statistics.


  • The "Delete Selected Tip" button will permanently delete the tip and its associated counts/statistics. 

  • http://analyst.crimereports.com/knowledgebase/TS%20Delete%20Tip.png


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